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In 2021, Treeline Well Services LP entered into a partnership with the Dunne Za Economic Development Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the West Moberly First Nations. The community of West Moberly First Nations is located on Moberly Lake in the beautiful Peace River country, approximately 90 kilometers southwest of Fort St. John, BC.


With resource development increasing across its traditional lands, the West Moberly First Nations have established strategic alliances with local businesses to bring shared value to their community members, partners and industry clients. Since 2001, they have been reinvesting in their partnership companies, building local skills capacity and returning profits to the West Moberly community. These are proud business ventures that connect their land, values and culture with business growth and prosperity.

Wherever possible, Treeline Well Services LP utilizes and involves locally-owned and operated Aboriginal businesses in its day-to-day operating activities. Involving local stakeholders in the day-to-day operations of projects where Treeline Well Services LP operates is crucial to establishing healthy long-term working relationships.

All of the rigs working within the West Moberly Traditional lands will operate under the WM Treeline Joint Venture.

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