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In 2013, Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies (Formerly Christina River Enterprises) and Treeline partnered to form a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) forming CRE Treeline Well Services. This agreement is centered around 5 pillars to help with community investment, education, employment, and engagement. Through this agreement, CRE Treeline Well Services is recognized as a Certified Aboriginal Business.  Under this JV, work is done for several major oilsands producers.


This agreement aligns with Treeline Well Services' vision for an enhanced Canadian Workforce that is inclusive of, and adaptive to, Aboriginal Peoples in which barriers to Aboriginal participation, at all levels and across all context, are continually reduced and the workforce's potential to drive socio-economic change in First Nations communities is fully realized.

Wherever possible, Treeline Well Services LP utilizes and involves locally-owned and operated Aboriginal businesses in its day-to-day operating activities. Involving local stakeholders in the day-to-day operations of projects where Treeline Well Services LP operates is crucial to establishing healthy long-term working relationships.

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