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Treeline Well Services LP has supplied service rigs to the Western Canadian Oil and Gas Industry since 1997.  We have established a reputation of providing high quality crews, equipment and unparalleled customer service.

Treeline currently operates a fleet of 40 service rigs.  Our fleet consists of 33 doubles and 7 singles.  

Treeline has established two core business areas:

  • SAGD Operations in NE Alberta

  • Heavy Double Operations in W5 Alberta & British Columbia

Beginning in 2008 Treeline began building double service rigs and built-for-purpose SAGD packages to help supply changing market.  Treeline now operates one of the newest service rig fleets in Canada. Treeline has continued with a focused approach of managed growth and has positioned itself as a leader and proven innovator in SAGD and Medium-Heavy Service Rig operations in Western Canada.

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